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Inventory Specialists is a well-established new-vehicle ordering company; managing inventory for a number of dealerships across the country since 2016. Offering a wide range of expertise with specialists who focus on both CDJR and GM brands. With this wide range of dealerships, comes the knowledge and the edge that allows Inventory Specialists to order exactly what is selling in your market. Dealers trust us to protect their valuable allocation and grow it!  We are experts at maneuvering through the ordering system, working though constraints, analyzing market data, and bringing in the right inventory for your dealership.

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Inventory Specialists

100% focus on product and supply so you can focus on sales

Since opening, we have become masters of our craft. We pride ourselves on our open communication, thorough data analysis, and a seamless turnkey inventory management solution--which is why 95% of our dealers stay with us year after year. 

Inventory Specialists will save you and your staff time, protect and grow your allocation, increase your sales, and grow your bottom line. Get in touch with us today to learn how Inventory Specialists can help you.


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