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GM Services

Inventory Specialists has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide exceptional service to each of our dealers. We handle all of the new vehicle ordering for our GM stores. We understand ordering systems, we analyze dealership and market sales data to get you the inventory that your customers want while protecting and growing your allocation at every opportunity.



We understand the importance of good forecasting and the role this plays in your dealership's success so we update and submit Consensus numbers up to twice per month.  This is normally done early on Thursdays when Workbench opens each Consensus cycle.

Fast-turn data

Plain and simple-- when you have the best inventory around, you sell more cars. For that reason, we analyze data that shows us the gaps in your inventory and the top performers in your market. We will use that information every DOSP cycle to build you the fastest turning vehicles for your dealership.

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You know your market the best. Therefore, we value your input and will implement any preferences you provide while informing you of any conflicting trends we see in the data. Every DOSP cycle, we will analyze your allocation and constraints and build you the best orders possible.  We then send these orders to your preferred contacts so they have ample time to view and share any necessary feedback prior to DOSP closing on Friday.  

Retail Orders (SRE)

Pre-Covid, most dealers input and monitored their SRE orders themselves as this was independent of your regular retail TRE orders.  Then came Covid-19 and now suddenly you can't get a sold order unless you have allocation.  We can help you with your SRE ordering or you can submit your retail orders as usual and manage them yourself--it's up to you and we have pricing plans for both.  

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